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What is True friend?

Everyone loves time, but the fun is when times change and you do not have your true friend. One of the great blessings of Allah Almighty is to meet a true friend. There are many people in human life who come and go but one day there is one who stands with you in every difficult time of your life and is your true friend. We call him a true friend. Everyone makes friends, but very few people make it up. It is very difficult to find a true friend in this selfish world. If you find true friends this will be no less than a blessing for you. A true friend will help you always in every difficult time and makes your time good. You are lucky if you have such type of friend in life who help you in all difficult time and is always with you. A true friend will never deceive you and is always your partner in bad times. A true friend will never leave you alone in bad times. The greatest sign of a true friend is that he always stops you from doing bad things and shows you the way to goodness. A true friend never tries to make you fail. He always prays for your success and always helps you to be successful. Every human being in life tries to humiliate others and move forward on their own but a true friend will never humiliate you in front of others but will always respect you and no one will oppose you. Don’t say a word that will tarnish your image. He always tries not to let anyone in the world deceive you and always tries his best to show you the straight path because his sincere with you and the person who is sincere with you is always concerned for you.

A true friend is always sincere with you:

In this selfish world, finding a sincere friend is no less than a blessing. There is so much love hidden inside a sincere friend like a whole tree inside a small seed. The richest man in the world is the one who has a true and sincere friend. There are so many people in the world who just want to be friends. That’s why these types of people can never be sincere with anyone. Anyone who is angry with you but never breaks up a friendship with you is your best protector in bad times. He is a true friend. You can never make friends by looking at someone’s face, but you can also make the demeanor of someone who is sincere in the time to come. A true friend will never leave you alone in difficult but give you support in every critical situation. You should not try making friends with foolish people who do not show you the difference between right and wrong. You will be lucky if you have a wise enemy and then a foolish friend. We should always make friends with those who are sincere with us and always try to help us in our difficult times by motivating and giving us courage. We should keep those friends whose company leave a good effect on us otherwise leave them if they try to give you bad company. There are very few people in this world who are sincere with you and want your good and always pray for your good. A true friend will never leave you. He will always be loyal to you. He will never laugh at you or ridicule you for failing. The sign of a sincere friend is that he always does more than anyone and always wants you to be more successful. He will always stop you from meeting bad people and will always urge you to meet good people.

Always give you respect:

A true friend is one who compliments you in the audience behind you, not just on your face. A true friend will never humiliate you. The greatest sign of a true friend is that she respects you even in your absence. Respecting someone is not a matter for every human being, it can only be done by someone who has a big heart and who is your true friend. A true friend will never let another person humiliate you but will always come to your aid in every difficult time and will also treat everyone with respect for you and will respect you with a sincere heart. If a true friend gives you respect you should also give him respect and never try to degrade him in front of others. This will be proving a true friendship and you do not need to take any type of help from others when you have a friend which is giving you respect and showing you, his care. There are always very few people in life who respect you from the heart A true friend always respects you from the heart. If a true friend respects you from the bottom of your heart, you should also show true love and true respect to him

Will scare you away:

A true friend will always be afraid of losing you. And his fear will be his courage and strength. Friendship is the only way in the world that is afraid of being human. A true friend is always found by the lucky ones and finding and losing a true friend never be easy. In the world, every relationship ends after death, but if it is true, it becomes an example for others. A true friend will never want to lose you. If you treat your friend with love and affection, you will never lose him, but his love for you will grow in his heart. Always try to be set a model of friendship for others. You will be successful if you have a good friend. True friends will never leave you.

Always be honest with yourself and share your every problem:

A true friend will always be honest with you and will never try to deceive you. Honesty is the greatest sign of a person If your friend is honest then you are very lucky to share your every problem with him. A true friend always shows his honesty in every matter of life. A true friend will never share your bad habits with others in your absence. He will always try to make your respect in front of others.  If there is an honest person in life then you are a very lucky person because you can solve every problem and he will always give you good advice and find a good solution for it. There are a lot of people in human life who just watch your show in difficult times and can do nothing for you but some are helpful. Your college friends make a deep relationship with you so that you can share your problem with them. You are not in a blood relationship with your friends but this relationship of friendship is stronger than bloody relations.  in difficult situations. And give you some good advice and he is your friend. These are the true and honest people who come to your aid in difficult times. These are called your true friends. There are a lot of people in the world who treat you honestly and share all their problems with you. If you have a good friend, he will never be unfaithful to you and will do his best. There are many difficulties in the life of every human being and every human being strives to face these difficulties easily he must have someone with whom he can share his worries. but if you Have a good friend, you don’t need anyone you can share all your heart with him because you have full faith in him. This is the sign of a true friend and this is called a true and honest friend with whom you can share without thinking.

Will think it is better for you:

There is no one in the world who would ever think better of you than yourself. In the life of a man after parents, if there is a man who is happy with your success and thinks the best for you, he will surely be your true friend. A good friend will never let you fall in the eyes of anyone and in the footsteps of anyone. He will hold your hand in every difficult time and will be an angel for you. There are very few such people in the world who think good for you and are happy with your success but the friend will always be that you are even more successful and will give you good luck for your success and Will help you. If you have a friend which becomes your strength when you are alone and gives you support when you face failure. A true friend will never be happy with your tensions he will try his best to make you perfect.

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