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What is Love? How do you define Love?

Many times, the question is raised as to how love should be defined and how love should be described. Every human being has his own idea to define love. Every human being uses his or her own words to describe love and every human being has his own experience. In the same way, when one defines love, he expresses all the words by his heart in praise of that love. When it comes to defining love, we can also say that caring for others and caring for their happiness is the greatest sign of love. No need to reassure another person in love but all these actions of yours can make the next servant feel that he loves you as if cares for your beloved If you keep it, it will definitely be felt. Love is to wrap up your pain without realizing it, to cover your weaknesses. There is no promise in it, no waiting, no time to ask for anything. If claims of love are made with the tongue, it may be just a tickle of the tongue, but love is that in which the joys and sorrows of others are felt. Love is an addiction in which only a person can know what love is by drowning in it. Love determines its stages by combining two things, one of which is love, and the other is made by the beloved lover. The concept of love without a lover is like the concept of staying dry in water. This love is, in fact, a thing in which truthfulness and trust are repeatedly tainted with truth and purity of heart. In love, there is a desire to re-open a moment sitting in a feeling. An attempt is made to bring the dream in the eyes to the threshold of interpretation. An inclination toward a favorite thing is love. Where there is love, there is always a reason to wonder why a person loves you, but there are so many virtues in a person that other people start to be attracted to him. There has always been a thought in a person as to why another person loves him and why he cares so much for him but there can be many reasons for this.


The reasoning of love:

Your Courage:

Man, often faces many difficulties in life. He is very weak in these difficulties. He is trying his best to remove all these difficulties from his life with courage. Man’s courage leads to great heights because when a man faces all the difficulties in life with courage, all these difficulties end and one day man will surely succeed. Man must endure all these difficulties with courage and fortitude to be successful because when you endure all these difficulties with courage and fortitude you are ideal for others. Every human heart wants you to love when you are the best for others. And those who know your courage will automatically fall in love with you and turn to you because they know that you will overcome all the difficulties of life with your courage. When a person loves someone, he sees many virtues in him, one of the virtues is that he is very courageous. And because of that, a lot of people are attracted to you and try to make you their own. Isn’t it true that every human being wants to be loved by someone he is to be very courageous and to face all the difficulties that come in life? Man’s courage has always been his greatest virtue and for whatever reason, he is liked by a lot of people and a lot of people try to follow him. The goodness of man has always been beneficial to him because he overcomes his difficulties with his courage and also proves to be a good man in the eyes of others. Every human being should try to make all the difficulties of his life easier and courage to overcome them and so that all other human beings can follow him and love him.

Your smile

There are many people in this world whose smile is very attractive and man is inclined towards their smile even though he does not want to. Another person’s smile always brings a lot of happiness to one person. Sometimes if a person loves, this may be the reason why he loves another person. When a person loves someone, he cares about his happiness the most, and he tries to keep a smile on his face, which makes him happy. The greatest sign of love is that a person makes you smile a lot and always tries to keep a smile on your face so he loves you with all his heart. A person’s smile sometimes makes others happy because of the person who is love you is always waiting for his smile. And this smile makes the other person happy that it removes a lot of worries from his face and the person’s smile makes him love others. If a person cares about your smile and always tries his best to never let any sadness come on your face and always keeps smiling, then the person truly loves you. A man in love is concerned that no sorrow or sadness may come on the face of another human being because of it and always tries to remove all his sadness by taking care of his happiness and Putting a smile on his face. A man in love always forgets whether he has his own smile on his face or not, he can always sacrifice all his happiness behind the smile of another man. Love always takes care of the other person’s happiness and when a person loves, he also takes care that the smile does not disappear from the other person’s face, he always smiles like this and also makes others happy.

Your positivity :

Man is always more inclined toward the person whose thoughts are always good for others and who thinks for the good of others. And man can always be successful who thinks well of himself as well as others and always tries to do good to others as well. We see a lot of people around us who strive for the success of themselves as well as other people and always have them with them in every aspect. It makes them very happy because when a person thinks of the happiness of others with himself, it is his positive thinking and a positive-thinking person is very happy. Positive Thinking and Good Morals are two of the most important things that can make a person feel good about himself or herself and try to be good to others. Man’s positive thinking reaches great heights and also helps him to succeed in life. If a person keeps his thinking positive, he does not try to degrade any human being in the world and that is why everyone loves it. Positive thinking a person is very beneficial for him because the person who can think positively gets all the matters of life easily and the person who has negative thinking always thinks of harming others and his mind and also puts a lot of burdens. The greatest reason for loving a person may be that the next person can never think badly of anyone and his thinking is very good because when a person loves others, he sees only their virtues and positive thinking has a great quality of a human being. A man should always try to keep his thinking positive so that everyone loves him and he can be a good person to others.

Your sincerity and energy:

If a person is sincere with someone, it is also beneficial for him, and the next servant is also very much affected by this virtue because the person who does the work of others at that time is always successful. When a person loves another, he always considers whether he will be sincere with him or not, and if that person is sincere, he will always love him and if the next servant is not sincere, he will even love it. When a person is sincere with someone, he shares all his joys and sorrows with him and consults him in all matters of his life. The greatest rule of success in life is to be sincere with all the people in your life, never reveal each other’s secrets to each other openly and never try to humiliate others when If you are sincere, you will be a good person and all people will love you. Similarly, if you have the energy to do all the work and you are a very active person, you will always be liked by a lot of people. Man, always does his best to be successful in his life with all his energy and this is a virtue that many people like and many people love you. And if a person does all the work of his life with full energy and courage then he is always successful and other people also like to love him because he is also sincere with his work and does his work with whole energy. A man should always strive to be sincere with all other human beings in his life and use all his energy to carry out all the tasks of his life so that he will be a good human being in the eyes of others. In this way, he will love all human beings, and he will be very successful in his life with it.

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