“Maximize Your Online Presence with 6Streams: The Ultimate Multi-Platform Strategy”

Have you ever wondered how to leverage your online presence?

This blog post discusses how you can maximize your online presence by utilizing 6Streams, a multi-platform strategy. Not only will it help to increase the visibility of your content and audience, but it also helps you churn out more content at a much quicker speed. You’ll learn everything from the difference between syndication and aggregation to why email is still a powerful tool in the arsenal of social media marketing.

I’ve been a part of 6Streams for the past two months and I’ve seen not only a decline in the number of social mentions but also an increase in the social media activity that I’ve been doing.

Don’t be fooled by the word “strategy”. This process isn’t complicated nor is it time-consuming. It takes hours to implement and, more importantly, an understanding of the capabilities provided by 6Streams. But it’s more a matter of what you’re going to do with the tools and knowledge that you’re given — it’s up to you to make the most of them. It is quite easy to implement this strategy on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can also use it to maximize your online presence for your website or blog. You’ll have access to new content marketing techniques that can improve your search engine rankings, increase leads, and increase your overall online presence (and bottom line).

6Stream Overview:

Before we launch into the details, let’s first have a discussion about the underlying concept of 6Streams. The idea behind 6Streams is simple. You give your readers or viewers access to content that you post online. But in order to maximize the impact of this content, you should also post it on multiple platforms (e.g., your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This way you can build a social media following and increase your search engine rankings (because 6Streams will improve both).

When you think about it, this is the same concept that all of the top blogs, websites, and even most social media users use. Some of the latest blogging platforms even offer tools that make it easy to syndicate content in order to maximize your online presence.


But 6Streams is more than just syndication; it also includes aggregation and curation. In fact, this is the main feature of 6Streams. The platform gives you access to all of these features — using the same content — in order to provide you with more exposure.

Who is 6Streams Best Suited For?

6Streams is best suited for bloggers and small businesses who are looking to drive traffic, leads and create an online presence. However, it can also be used by large businesses in order to get more social media exposure. It’s really a win-win for anyone who has content to share and wants to create a strong online presence.

How 6Streams Works:

6Streams can be used by anyone who has content to share (and many of us do). You simply sign up for the platform, fill out your profile information, and import social media contacts and other relevant data from your website or blog. Once you’ve completed these steps, you begin sharing this data with the 6Streams platform. You will then begin receiving data that shows you how many people are engaging with your content on each platform.

For example, let’s say you were a small business blogger who decided to share an article that you wrote on your blog on Facebook. You would then begin seeing data in your 6Streams account that show you how many people are engaging with this piece of content on Facebook and other platforms (see the screenshot below). You can also use text links to share the same article across social media channels (e.g. Twitter) and track the results of your efforts. If you’re a small business, you can also use 6Streams to find out which channels are performing well for your business (and which ones aren’t).

If you’re not a blogger but still have content to share, then 6Streams is for you. It allows you to create an online presence using the same piece of content on multiple platforms. You can even include video or audio files along with text in order to add more value to your posts.

Information sharing:

You can share the same content across multiple platforms (e.g., Twitter), but you can also use 6Streams to add more value by uploading a different piece of content on each platform (e.g., Twitter and Facebook). This is a great way to deliver more value because you are keeping your audience engaged with your content on one platform while providing them with new information on another platform.

How to Use 6Streams?

Once you’ve signed up for 6Streams, you will receive an email that contains the necessary instructions on how to start using the platform. Every piece of content that you share on social media platforms will have a small box that opens up on your website or blog (see the screenshot below). You can then add this piece of content there, along with a short description and URL. The automated system then copies the information from your website, adds it to the appropriate fields, and allows you to add a link.

You can also use the link to offer readers an additional option, allowing them to download a PDF version of your article. If you’ve already published an article, none of this will be necessary, as you can create a new version with better SEO results. During my first month using 6Streams, I discovered that the platform is easy to use and allows me to get more exposure for my content.


In conclusion, leveraging your online presence can be challenging, but using a multi-platform strategy like 6Streams can be a game-changer. By utilizing the features of syndication, aggregation, and curation, you can increase the visibility of your content and grow your audience on multiple platforms. The platform is easy to use and can be a powerful tool for bloggers and small businesses looking to drive traffic and leads. Additionally, 6Streams provides valuable data to help you understand which channels are performing well for your business and which ones aren’t. Overall, 6Streams is a great way to maximize your online presence, increase your search engine rankings, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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