How Ai Can Change our life? 5 Ai Webiste for Making Money

Ai is the latest upgrade to artificial intelligence and machine learning developed for the Internet of Things. With it, we can turn our home into an intelligent machine that can respond to our needs autonomously by monitoring what’s happening in and outside the house, providing personalized services such as security and energy saving. The revolution is just beginning. Ai technology not only has huge potential to change people’s lives but also bring us greater convenience throughout our everyday life.


Ai has a promising future in the field of smart homemaking. The expansion of various devices with the ability to connect to the network will allow us to control and manage every corner of our home from anywhere. This is actually an extension of the concept of a smart living room but with broader scope and more potential. As an inexpensive solution for business owners and manufacturers, it will turn their products into “smart products”.

In the future, your home can be equipped with smart sockets and sensors that allow you to control devices via the application. For instance, if you go out after working hours but forget to turn off your stove or air-conditioner, the application can notify you through voice or text messages. And if you’re worried about leaving your kids at home alone, a camera can detect activities in their room and inform you and send videos of them watching TV or playing video games on social networking sites.

Ai industry:

This has obvious implications for the development of the Ai industry in China. Before Ai, China is one of the world’s largest markets for smart devices, but the gap between this size and its level of development is rather large. Today, more than 90% of Chinese people do not even know what electronic products are. And if we take into account that China’s computer consumption growth rate is expected to slow down from 8% to 3-4% annually, it is clear

that the industry will have a hard time competing in the domestic market.

On the other hand, since China’s population is quite dense, it’s enough to realize the potential of a small region in terms of the number of users. We can say that China’s domestic market for smart devices will be more than enough for Ai.

Indispensable technology:

Ai is also expected to greatly expand the opportunities for domestic enterprises in various fields including the internet, home appliances, and automobiles. Its application in business will increase with improved network coverage and adoption. As a result, Ai will become an indispensable technology in China’s industries of the future, such as intelligent factories or smart cars.

On the international market, however, Ai is still in its infancy and will face many challenges. Since its birth in 2008, Ai has attracted various interests including huge venture capital and research funding from industry giants such as Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm. In the near future, this trend will continue to accelerate. In addition, it is expected that both the home and enterprise will be more important markets for AI products. This will bring more investment opportunities to domestic enterprises, as well as many fresh new technologies and breakthrough solutions for them.

By offering a comprehensive range of solutions to our customers, China’s Ai industry has become an indispensable partner in the global market.


With our strong technology, global resources, and comprehensive solutions, we can provide comprehensive solutions for our customers and maintain the leading position in the industry. At present, a large number of Chinese companies have entered the global market successfully. They are all experiencing good performance, and we believe that they will continue to grow through further cooperation with foreign enterprises.

Top 5 Ai Websites that will help for making money Online:

1. Ai Wealth:

Ai Wealth is a new way to make money with Artificial Intelligence, that can be derived from your smartphone. They are working on this financial system and would like to help you reap the profits. Ai Wealth system will provide a platform for all mobile users to invest in financial products processed by artificial intelligence.

2. Telligent:

Telligent is a company startup out of Shanghai, China, and was founded by Mr. Tan Weijun in 2000. The company is engaged in research and development of e-commerce, internet, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. The company excels in providing customized cloud computing services and is working on a wide range of Artificial Intelligence products. Telligent has over 112 patents, 80 enterprise clients around the globe and 24 countries are using their services.

3. Cohesity:

Cohesity is a US-headquartered enterprise software company that provides intelligent data management solutions for enterprises. The company provides data storage and management in the cloud and is backed by venture funding of $165 million from Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, Redpoint Ventures, and others. The company was founded in 2013 by Mohit Aron, who formerly served as the senior vice president of the HP Software Division.

4. DeepLearni:

DeepLearni is a deep learning technology startup that is working on a series of AI projects which are enterprise driven.

The startup is working to raise $50 million in funding by the end of 2018. The team believes that they will be able to provide an enterprise-grade deep learning platform for their users.

5. R2b:

R2b stands for Refining & Business Intelligence and is a startup based out of China providing AI solutions for businesses by utilizing their top-notch experience in data analysis. The company is working on a number of AI projects to help companies understand their data and improve their business.

Analyst Predicts Ai Will Grow More than 65% in Next Three Years by 2020.

The Chinese government has a strong control of the country’s economy and is trying to limit the oversupply of labor and other resources, which, in turn, will help stabilize economic growth. There are already many measures in place designed to attract overseas manufacturing businesses to relocate back or expand manufacturing activities into China such as the Made in China 2025 initiative. These activities benefit Ai manufacturers in China.

Small and Micro Enterprises in China Lead the Charge for Ai Products. 

It is easier for SMEs to embrace new technology as it costs less than larger enterprises and doesn’t have many legacy systems to worry about. This is a big reason why this market segment will account for nearly two-thirds of the growth in Ai revenue during 2018-2020.

Chinese AI companies are Increasingly Branching Out into Overseas Markets and Will Be Looking to Acquire New Customers Ahead of the Game.

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