Effects of technology on children

Children are our precious assets. Their education is a guarantee of a bright future for us. All parents want their children to be a part of society by giving them good training. While technology and science have made human life much easier, technology and science have also effects that are not good for human beings. There are many effects of technology on children. These effects of technology on children destroy their life. The effects of technology on children destroy their future and make their life limited to the internet. If we do not pay attention to our children then the effects of technology on children will make them addicted to all these. then negative effects of technology but there are also elements throughout life that try to take advantage of their children’s innocence. To protect their children from illness Parents often want to spend time indoors instead of going out. They consider computers and the Internet to be the best activities for children, but parents should also be very careful about their use of the Internet. There is a lot of content for children on the internet. There is no difference between good and bad because children are small. Because of their young age, they are trapped in the trap of negative people. There are two sides to the picture. There are more positive and negative aspects than that. It has reduced the distance between those living in the world of the internet and on the other hand it is also the root of many evils. Today, as adults and children spend more time on the computer, parents are unaware that their children are attracted to the positive aspects of the Internet or negative. Because this leaves an effect on them so we should be careful. But if you look closely, you will be equally responsible for the future of children. Children go astray due to their ignorance. A report shows that there are 57 % of children use the internet and do not see the right things on it. Parents who are satisfied to see their children busy on the Internet should review their behavior and protect what their children are watching and what they are using on the Internet. We should always look at our children and what effect technology has on them. Technology leaves a great effect on them. We should always make sure that technology does not have any negative impact on our children. When technology has a negative impact on our children, then it is a great threat to the future of our children. The negative effects of technology are destroying the future of our children. If we want technology to have no negative impact on the future of our children then we should keep our children away from mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. When our children stay away from all these things, surely their future will be much brighter and they will be able to shape their future.

Effect on mind:

Everything seen on the internet and on the computer has a huge impact on the minds of children who look at everything else throughout the day and try to make it their own so it should be better for them to watch positive things. Many parents do not pay any attention to what their children are watching on the Internet. We should be completely aware of whether our children are using computers and laptops and what they are watching on them. Children’s brains don’t work so hard that they can figure out for themselves what they should watch and shouldn’t watch. Because all these things have a profound effect on the minds of children when they try to search for everything they watch on the internet and do all these things in their practical life. We should do our best to always show the children something that will have a positive effect on their brains and keep the children’s brains always positive. If we don’t think about it, science and technology will never be a blessing for us, but they will create a lot of problems in our lives and the future of our children will be ruined. Children’s minds will not have the potential to remember the knowledge. if our children have a lot of interest in computers, it will have a huge effect on their brains. We should always keep our children away from such things so that their No effect on the brain. If the children’s brain becomes weak, they will never be able to take interest in reading and will never be able to focus on their studies. Now that our children are much stronger and sharper mentally, they will also be interested in reading and will always work hard to enlighten their future. We need to make sure that technology does not have a negative impact on our children, but that our children’s future can be bright and they can be interested in learning.

Affect eyesight:

The organs of children are very delicate because if children do not have the strength yet, they can easily cope with all situations. so, if they use the internet and technology a lot, it is not only affecting their minds but also their eyesight more effectively. Parents should also be very careful that their children do not use the Internet as much as possible, but focus on their studies. Children often n go out and get spoiled, but often n children stay at home and spoil their all-time with the use of the internet. Where there are many benefits in the importance of science and technology, too much use of computers and the internet is bad for the eyes. Eyes are a blessing but if we use computers too much, it has a great effect on our eyes. When we give our children laptops and computers too much, the rays from it damage their eyes and weaken their eyesight. Children have poor eyesight in childhood just because of these rays. We need children to always use laptops and computers as much as they are good for their eyes. Excessive use causes tears in the eyes of children which can make their eyes weak. If we don’t stop our children at all, we are ruining their future as well as their health and their parents are responsible for their poor health.

Waste time:

We have also found that these children spend most of their time on laptop computers and the Internet when they use them and do not pay much attention to their studies. They waste all their precious time studying and spoil them all on the internet. We should always keep an eye on what our children are watching on the internet. When we take care of that, we will at least let them spend it on the computer, because that will be the effort to focus on their studies. The most important thing for children to have a bright future and a good life is their education but nowadays children are wasting their precious time on the internet and children are very happy with it. Adults have made their lives very busy so they don’t have time to take care of their children but this is very wrong. Every parent should take care of their children and take care of it whether they spend their lives good and happy or not. If parents give their precious time to their children, children will also be able to save valuable time and they will be able to concentrate on their studies and pay less attention to the internet and computer. Time should be taken out for children.

Causes many diseases:

The internet not only affects the human brain and eyes but also has a huge impact on the human body. when children spend a lot of time on the internet, it is very dangerous for them because. If there is no movement in their body, then all these things will cause diseases that will be very dangerous for them. For example, if children sit in one place and stay in one place. This has a profound effect on human health. This leads to the accumulation of fats in the body of children and due to the accumulation of fat, obesity occurs in children and at an early age, children start getting older because obesity causes many more diseases in human beings. sitting in one place, when there is no movement in the human body, children will not go out to play, and children will never be active and strong. Children are always successful and keep their bodies strong. children create vigor in their bodies. We should take care of children’s health and ask our children to spend their time in other activities. In this way we can also target the future of our children and our children can stay fresh and energetic and their health is also significantly improved and they can focus on their studies.



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