Effect Of Technology in our life

Brunch of knowledge deal with techniques and skills. The used for making something is technology. Technology is very important for everyone’s life; it not only promotes the development of men but also the development of the whole country. If the development of a country is slow, it means that this country has slow technology. Technology can improve the social situation. Today everything is connected with technology and human life has become much easier at the same time the country has found a new direction of development. Everyone knows that there is a great effect of technology on our lives.

We can never neglect the effect of technology!!

Today man is making new discoveries in science with the help of technology. In today’s age, man is completely dependent on science and technology. Today man has reached the heights of the sky from the depths of the sea through science and technology. Since then, human life has changed completely. Today’s effect of technology has developed in all fields of education, development, business, tourism, agriculture, and also in the medical field. modern tools have been developed and human beings have also started using them in their lives. In ancient times man used to spend a lot of time on everything but today with the help of technology man can do everything in time. Technology has made it much easier for consumers to buy, sell and deliver goods. it can also keep a record of a computer. The level of education has increased due to modern technology. any child can acquire any kind of knowledge with the help of the internet on the computer. In ancient times it took a long time for a person to move from one place to another. At that time did not have other vehicles available. Technology has developed many vehicles which make it very easy for human beings to reach any corner. Technology has a great effect on our lives. Without technology, there is no comfort in our lives. We should always be thankful for new technology that makes our lives easy and comfortable. We should always be aware of the effects of technology.

Saves time:

The best thing that technology has done is save time. The work that is done in our hours is done in a very short time which has made our life much better and easier. The effect of Technology has made our life better made so easy because technology has invented so many new things that have brought so much peace in human life. In the old days, man had to take his time before working and much of them were wasted doing that work but today man can do his work in just a few minutes. Computers and other things have done a lot in our life. In this way, we can save time by doing our work in less time and dedicating our remaining time to other work. Nowadays, every human being is so busy in his life that if he does not have the technology, then surely this time would not exist. We can’t save time without the effect of technology on our lives. In ancient times when man needed hours to perform any task, now this time is very short. With the help of technology, we can do all our work easily and in less time. Technology is having a huge impact on our lives. We can never make our lives easier without technology and ignore its benefits. In the past man had to spend hours saving his data but today we can easily save our data with the help of a computer and can easily copy it anytime. Thus, technology has saved us a lot of time. Technology has helped save our time with the help of computers and all other new inventions.

Easy to travel:

In the old day’s man had to walk a lot and travel many hours and days to reach another place but today with the help of man the same hours and days can be traveled in minutes because airplanes and vehicles Affect human life. Man has made airplanes and vehicles with the help of technology and has made human life easier because we can go. With the help of airplanes and cars, we can go to any corner of the world. Man has stepped on the moon with the help of an Aeroplan. Technology and science have been providing a great blessing to man in that he has made it easier for man to travel and solve the giant’s journey very quickly by traveling on cars and Aeroplan instead of walking for himself. This is also the great effect of technology on our lives. It makes our lives easy. All the effects of technology are no less than a blessing for us. Every human being knows very easily that in ancient times when human beings needed hours and days to travel, now this journey has become much easier. Technology has made our lives so much faster. Today we can travel with ease. Cars, motorcycles, and all other vehicles have proved to be very useful for human beings. That is why a man should always be grateful to technology for making it easier and more comfortable for him to travel. With the help of technology, almost all the problems of our lives are being eliminated and our life is becoming easier.

Electronic appliances:

Technology has invented a lot of electronics for human beings so that they can do all their work easily. Ironing clothes has also become easier for human beings. Before human beings did not use it to wear clothes but now he uses it because ironing clothes improve their personality. Man, also used to need hours to wash clothes but now with the help of a washing machine he has saved his time and he does not do his time anymore because with the help of the washing machine man can easily wash his clothes. Therefore, man does not need to work hard. In addition, where a man used to be without anything in summer, now the same air conditioner and fans have provided cool air to man and made his life much calmer and in winter heater is much more comfortable. In addition, television and all other electronic applications have created a lot of peace in human life. Man can watch a lot of shows on TV and television is a very useful tool for human entertainment. Many electronic devices have been invented that has made human life much easier. If we say that our life is easy without technology, then it is absolutely wrong because technology has made so many inventions for human bodies that man can easily do all his work. There are those who have made human life much easier and more comfortable.


Where technology has created all the other inventions of human beings, he has also provided human beings with mobile phones to communicate with others with the help of which human beings can stay in touch with their relatives. In ancient times, people used to write letters to stay in touch with their loved ones and it only took a long time for them to reach out to other people. It used to take a long time for these people to say goodbye to each other. The Internet has made human life so much easier. Now we can call our loved ones and ask about their condition at any time. In this way, technology has made our lives so easy that we can spend hours and hours talking. Day-to-day work is done in minutes, and technology has had a profound effect on human life. Isn’t it less than a miracle for a man to be able to stay in touch with all his relatives and loved ones and with all their relatives and love ones and with the help of mobile phones and modern technology we can talk to all his loved ones? In the same way, it has become very easy for us to communicate with each other. Wean easily communicate with any person sitting at home through a mobile phone, computer, or all communication devices. A man should forever be thankful for all the inventions. With the help of technology man’s life has become much easier and better. Technology has completely changed man’s life.

 Medical field:

In the old days when a person was sick, he was treated with herbal medicines, but there were many diseases that could not be cured, but today, with the help of technology, man has created a medicine that has become almost possible to cure every disease. With the help of technology, human beings have made great strides in the field of medicine. Now, through surgery and operation, a person can be treated for any of his ailments. In this way, he can be saved from many ailments.

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