20 Best ideas for Money Making in 2023

We all know how hard it is to money making. But every now and again, there will be a successful business that starts out with nothing but an idea. Entrepreneurs are always looking for the next best way to make some cash, and luckily there are a lot of people out there willing to share their ideas with the world.

The following 20 ideas are just a few that were successful!!

Between them, they have been able to earn over $1 billion in revenue since they were launched. The methods that these people used to money making may sound strange or unusual, but with a little luck and some skill, you too can take advantage of the great ideas that these companies came up with.

1. Napster

What can you say about Napster? It was a network that allowed people to share music files, and it skyrocketed the success of the MP3 format. Nowadays, there are numerous programs that allow you to download music and videos without having to pay for them. But back in 1999, this was a huge breakthrough. If only people had known that they could use the internet in this way!

2. Car Charger for iPhones

Many people leave their car at home or in the parking lot when they go to work in the morning. So it might seem strange that a company could money making from something that is not actually used by a person. But the fact is that many cars are used in the mornings by owners who fill up their gas tanks and grab something to eat on the way to work.

One company has taken advantage of this by designing a car charger for the Apple iPhone 5. The car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle, so your phone stays charged throughout the day when you get ready for work in the morning. It is estimated that around 6 million people own an iPhone, so there is a huge market of people who have purchased this product.

3. World of Warcraft

This online role-playing game is different from any other game that you can find on the internet. The appeal of this game is so high that it reportedly rakes in $1 billion each year. The cost of this subscription-based gaming program is around $15 per month. Think about how many people are paying to play, and it should not come as a surprise that the company behind this game has made so much money over the years.

4. Movie-theater popcorn

The cost of a box of popcorn and a drink at the cinema is always getting higher. In fact, it usually costs as much as two or three tickets these days. But this does not stop people from enjoying the snacks that are served during the movie previews before the main feature even starts. This high-priced food has become so popular that there is now even a vending machine that sells the stuff!

5. Bacon

It is a proven fact that bacon is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you enjoy it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are very few people who can resist it. So it should not be a surprise that one company has designed a bacon-scented air freshener spray. This is not just a novelty item though; it actually smells like real bacon!

6. Apple iPhone 4s Cases

These phone cases are huge sellers on online stores like eBay and Amazon. In fact, the majority of them are sold for between the $4 and $5 mark. The original purpose of these phone covers was to protect the phone from damage when it was in a pocket or purse. So you probably do not appreciate how much money this company has made from its iPhone 4s cases.

7. Jiffy Pop

This popcorn is created by combining corn oil with a flavoring agent and then turning it into popcorn using an air popper. This machine takes less than a minute to make the product, and you can easily make a large batch of popcorn of the exact same quality. In fact, one company has designed a device that looks like an ordinary popcorn maker but is actually much smaller. This allows you to store your popcorn in the fridge for up to 10 days!

8. Scrabble

This game is popular because it combines both intellectual and physical elements. You have to use your brain to think about the words you are using, but you also have to position yourself on the board with your body for the best results. There have been numerous new games that have come out over the years, but this one has arguably lasted the longest.

9. Red Bull

The energy drink industry is massive because energy drinks are highly effective at helping people get through tough workouts. But there has always been a debate about what actually gives energy drinks their kick. The company behind Red Bull has a secret formula that helps its product to stand out from all the rest.

So what is the secret behind this drink? It is all about how you mix it together. You can mix Red Bull and vodka together for an awesome cocktail that will help you get through a late-night party. You just have to be careful about how much of this drink you drink on a regular basis!

10. Vampires

This vampire book series was popular when it was first released in the 1980s. The books are extremely gory, and you will be hooked from the start as you read about a group of vampires who try to take revenge on humans. The books were so well-loved by readers that there were multiple films made from them, both standalone and as a series. Today, the books sell over 500,000 copies per year, which means that the company behind them has made a lot of money on this series.

11. Space Shuttle

Talk about a product that needs no introduction. If you want to learn about the history of this legendary plane, then you will spend days looking for answers. The space shuttle can now be regarded as a museum item, with MoMA having bought a defective model that is on display in New York City. This 9 million dollar acquisition was made just because it has such an important place in history.

12. E.L.F Products

This is another company that has made billions by selling its products online. The company was started by a woman who had worked in Hollywood as an aspiring actress and model. Many of her girlfriends had beauty problems, so she decided to set up a business to sell affordable makeup products online. Her business plan worked and she quickly sold hundreds of thousands of products.

13. Scuba Diving

This sport is incredibly popular and it can be very lucrative. Dive companies charge as much as $250 to go scuba diving in underwater restaurants that are located around the world. There is a lot of competition in this industry and money can be made by investing in this business. Some people use this sport to make a living; they rent out their own boats and spend their time diving through incredible landscapes.

14. Dacron

This material has become incredibly popular over the years, and there are many different types of this product that have been designed. It is a very strong synthetic fiber that is used in rope, nets, and even sails. The fibers are very strong and are able to pack a lot of force into something that is very small. This type of material could not exist if it was not for the idea of one man who invented it.

15. Crayola Crayons

When you think about the most iconic part of this product, you might not even realize that it is the name on the box. Even though a lot of people can tell that crayons are just colored pencils, they still associate the brand name with these most famous toys. This brand has been around since 1874 and is one of the longest-running in history. The brand is so popular that it actually has two different Christmas movies based on it!

16. New York City

This is another product that goes beyond the city itself. There are many different things about this amazing city that people love. This includes the fact that it has some of the best museums and theaters in the world. That said, there are some things about New York City that have been copied by other cities around the world.

For example, a large number of other cities have tried to copy its subway system just because it works so well and operates with such great efficiency.

17. Play-Doh

This is a product that became popular while you were growing up. It was used in many different schools when kids were getting creative and creating different models. Many of today’s parents even remember using this product when they were growing up and passed it on to their children. So much more than just a toy, this product is still being marketed heavily and sells billions of dollars worth every year!

18. Lettuce Wrap

Being vegetarian has never been so easy. This product is based on a Paleo diet and does not include meat. Instead, you are supposed to eat proteins and vegetables with your main meals. These wraps are available in many different restaurants, but most people are making them at home because they are so easy to make. One person even made the wrap into their own business, selling millions of these wraps online every year!

19. Lego

This is another company that is still going strong. You can now make a career out of building with Legos, and there are even competitions that you can enter. People have built huge houses with these bricks, and they have even been used to build an entire life-sized cars. How far will this product go? Who knows? But it is pretty safe to say that it will be around for some time!

20. Plastic Bags

This is a product that has existed for over 150 years. Before plastic bags were invented, people would use string and cloth to store their items. Now, plastic bags are all the rage and have completely taken over the other options available. You can even buy these bags in a variety of different colors and prints that you can mix and match with your outfits!

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